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System Controller


- Control via Coaxial Cable or RS-485
- Camera connected : 1unit
- Cable Extension : Max. 500m (with 5C-2V cable)
- External Control Interface : RS-232C, RS-485
- Power Input : DC12V Adaptor or 4AA Battery

TFT Color LCD Touch Screen System Keyboard


- Dome camera & DVR control
- 4.3" TFT color LCD touch panel
- 3D joystick ( pan / tilt / zoom control )
- Jog shuttle ( DVR playback control )
- Pan/tilt & lens control (iris, focus, zoom)
- Multiple camera protocol support
- 2 ports RS-485 control interface
- USB 2.0 interface for S/W upgrade

System Controller


- Long-Range Remote Control
: Long-range remote control (up to 1.2Km) is made possible through the use of RS-485 communication (based on 1 system keyboard).
- System can be Controlled Collectively
: The camera (receiver unit) and DVR can be controlled with this system keyboard.
- Multiple system keyboards can be connected.
: The system can be controlled from different locations, and a maximum of 32 units can be connected at the same time.
- Easy to operate
: An LCD is used to show the respective operations of system keyboard; menus can be selected conveniently through a touch-screen; and control is made easy by using a joystick.

* Controllable Product List
: Camera, Receiver (MRX-1000), Standalone DVR (SHR Series), PC Based DVR (SPR Series)

System Controller


- Long-range control (Max: 1.2km) through the RS-485 communication
- SmartDome Camera (SCC-C6407, C6405, 643A, 641),
  Built-in Zoom Lens Camera (SCC-C4207, C4205, C4203A, C4201),
  Receiver Unit (MRX-1000) Control
- Up to 128 SmartDome cameras can be controlled at once
- Multiple system controllers can be used (up to 8 units)