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Fadini Sliding Doors


Electro-mechanical sliding gate operator maximum 400 Kg



This complete kit provides a set of essential accessories for the automation of small and medium sliding gates.

It has a compact and elegant design and an incorporated electronic programmer, driving force regulation and electronic motor brake in compliance with safety standards.


• Incorporated programmer

• Manual release with customized key

• Kit package complete with all accessories

Power output .....0.25 KW (0.33 HP)
Supply voltage/Frequency .....230 V - 50 Hz
Absorbed current .....2.5 A
Absorbed power .....530 W
Capacitor.....20 µF / 450 V
Motor rotation speed.....1˙320 rpm
Intermittent service.....S 3
Insulation class.....F
Type of lubrication by Agip ..... MU/EP1 Grease
Travel speed.....10 m/min.
Rated torque.....28.0 Nm
Weight of the operator .....14 Kg
Static weight of the gate.....400 Kg
Gear rating.....1/30
Environment temperature.....–25°C +70°C
Protection standards .....IP 535
Duty cycle:.....30 sec. opening - 30 sec. stop - 30 sec. closing
Time of one complete cycle.....90 s
No. of complete cycles Opening - Stop - Closing.....No. 40/h
Cycles a year, 8 hours’ service a day .....No. 116˙000


Electro-mechanical sliding gate operator

0.37 KW (0.5 HP) maximum 600 Kg

0.73 KW (1.0 HP) maximum 1200 Kg



This top quality sliding gate operator, available in a full range of versions, offers a combination of strength and style.

This safe and adaptable operator is ideal for any gate, thanks to the adjustment devices provided (torque in oil bath), which are a distinguishing feature of the undisputed success of its high reliability.


• Full aluminium structure
• Manual release with customized key
• Bronze-steel coupling in oil bath fully mounted on ball bearings
• Single-phase and Three-phase versions
• Adjustable torque in oil bath
• Reversible version

Power output.....0.37 KW (0.5 HP)
Supply voltage / Frequency .....230 V - 50 Hz
Absorbed power .....600 W
Absorbed current .....3.2 A
Motor rotation speed.....1˙350 rpm
Capacitor....30 µF
Intermittent service....S 5
Max torque ....37.5 Nm
Gear ratio ....1/32
Travelling speed ....9.5 m/min.
Working temperature....–20°C +80°C
Oil type ....Agip Rotra THT - W 80 - Kg 0.22
Max. gate weight.....500 Kg
Weight of Nyota 115....18.5 Kg
Protection standard ....IP 557
Duty cycle ....25 sec. Open - 30 sec. Dwell - 25 sec. Close
Time of one complete cycle ....80 sec.
Complete cycles Open - Dwell - Close ....No. 45/hour
Cycles a year, 8 hours a day ....No. 131˙000

MEC 200

Electro-mechanical sliding gate operator maximum 1200 Kg



This electro-mechanical sliding gate operator was developed thanks to considerable experience in the large gate operator sector.

It is the ideal application for long-lasting heavy industrial gate automation.


• Strong and long lasting for heavy industrial gates
• Adaptable to fit different installations thanks to the Vertical and Horizontal versions
• Bronze-steel coupling in oil bath fully mounted on ball bearings
• Adjustable torque in oil bath
• Reversible version

Power output....0.37 KW (0.5 HP)
Suppy voltage / Frequency....230 V - 50 Hz
Absorbed power....510 W
Absorbed current....2.4 A
Motor rotation speed....1˙380 rpm
Capacitor....20 µF
Intermittent service....S3
Max. torque....25 da Nm
Gear ratio....1/32
Travelling speed....9.6 m/min.
Working temperature....–20°C +80°C
Oil type....Agip ROTRA THT - W80 - Kg 0.22
Max. gate weight....400 Kg
Weight of MEC 200 vertical ....19 Kg
Weight of MEC 200 horizontal....19.5 Kg
IP Standards....IP 557
Duty cycle....25 sec. Opening - 30 sec. Stop - 25 sec. Closing
Time of one complete cycle....80 s
No. of complete cycles Opening-Stop-Closing....45/hour
No. of cycles a year, 8 hours a day....131˙000

FIBO 300 - FIBO 400

Electro-mechanical sliding gate operator for heavy gates weighing up to 4000 Kg



FIBO 300 1.1 KW (1. Hp three-phase) and FIBO 400 2.2 KW (3.0 Hp three-phase) sliding electromechanical gate operators.

Strong and sturdy for automating industrial entrances and other large gates weighing up to 4000 Kg.

The FIBO 300 / FIBO 400 operator is enclosed inside a protective steel case, equipped to house an electric power panel and electronic programmer.

• Protective steel case structure
• Movement shaft mounted on ball bearings
• Bronze-steel coupling in oil bath
• Torque clutch on bronze discs
• Two limit switches in the two directions of movement
• Protected manual release

FIBO 300
Power output....1.1 KW (1.5 HP)
Three-phase supply voltage....230/400 V
Frequency....50 Hz
Absorbed current....5.1 / 3 A
Absorbed power....1˙500 W
Motor rotation speed....1˙400 rpm
Intermittent service....S1 fan
Output revolutions....40.7 rpm
Drive Gear....Z 24
Ratio....1 / 32
Maximum nominal torque....128 Nm
Transfer speed....12 m/min
Hydraulic oil type....AGIP ROTRA THT
Working temperature....–20°C +80°C
Static weight....65 Kg
Protection standard....IP 557